About Me

So you want to get to know me huh?! Awesome! Ok here it goes. Let's start with my family. I have a rockstar husband who's name is Jeff. He is seriously awesome, so awesome that he even tags along with me to most of my weddings! He is a killer videographer! You can check out some examples by clicking on the link up top! We have two kids who are gorgeous, wild, hilarious, and all the best adjectives. My son's name is Daxton, he is 12 years old and he loves his cat, fortnite, and bacon. My daughters name is Leighton, she is 9 and the girliest of girly girls. Give the girl some cheap makeup, clothes and a sparkly pair of shoes and she is one happy girl. She loves to sing, we get serenaded almost everyday by this sweet girl! We also have three dogs (yes we are crazy), Bozeman our German Pyrenees and Teddi our Mini Bernedoodle and Indie are golden doodle. We also have 4 cats. Yes 4! One fabulous farm cat who we adore and 4 Maine Coons. We are actually planning on having a little cattery and will have kitties in 2025.

I am a foodie, I travel to eat and see the sights of course. I love animals if you couldn't tell by the last paragraph. I actually wanted to be a veterinarian before becoming a photographer. My favorite color is red, my favorite food is pizza (I mean obviously) I have a collection of hats, and I love playing volleyball. So now that you know a bit about me let me talk to you about my love for photography.

I fell in love with photography when I took my sisters maternity photos with her Nikon d3100 that she got for her wedding. I'm not gonna say I totally succeeded but they weren't to shabby. After that I shot everything and anything. Babies, families, toddlers, dogs, horses, weddings, business....you name it I probably photographed it. I made the decision recently however, to focus on my true love which is.....love.... aka weddings and couples. I live for that look between a bride and a groom. You know the one right? The "I will love you for the rest of my life look and gosh dang do you look amazing right now". Gah I can't get enough of it. So if that is the type of looks you and your groom will have I want to capture it! Lets chat

Travel Dates

February: New York
April: Amsterdam
July: Iceland/Italy

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